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NSA: Keeping your Home Network Secure

The NSA (National Security Agency) released their best practices for keeping your home network secure. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, you should find this handbook very useful for keeping your computers safe and secure. It covers passwords and networks as well as computer travel tips, email and even GPS and photo security. You don't want to leave home or be at home without it. You can find it on the NSA web site.

This is a great pdf article that everyone should download, print, read and follow. As stated in the article: cyber threat is no longer limited to corporate offices and work. Home users need to maintain a basic level of network defense for both themselves and their family when accessing the Internet. Many great tips found within this article such as updating to the latest version of Windows and Office - mainly because they are more secure then older versions. Another great tip is using a security suite that protects against viruses, phishing, HIPS and has a firewall. The biggest thing I noticed is keeping all your software up-to-date, this is so true especially things like Java, Flash and pdf readers. When you see a bubble pop up in the lower right hand corner telling you have an update for lets say Java you should do it, this is usually because they found something wrong and they are patching the problem.

Until next time, surf safe


Facebook Security

I received another issue of VIPRESecurityNews today and thought I would share an interesting article:

Facebook Security and You

Facebook has published a free download to help families with their security questions and problems. A Guide to Facebook Security for Young Adults, Parents, and Educators explains how you can Protect your Facebook account, Avoid the scammers, Use advanced security settings, Recover a hacked Facebook account and Stop imposters.

Click to view the pdf document from Facebook

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VIPRE Mobile for Android

I received the latest VIPRE Security News newsletter the other and found out that VIPRE the anti-virus company for computers is beta testing a version for Android phones.  As a user and reseller of VIPRE products, my curiosity peaked and needed to download and try this out.  It has only been a couple of days but so far very impressed.

Some the features (straight from the newsletter):

  • Antivirus: VIPRE Mobile's powerful Antivirus protects your data and privacy from malicious software that can affect your Android device's normal operation - or worse, steal or destroy personal information.
  • Antispam: Spam is not only annoying, it may contain malicious links. Antispam stops texting spam from hitting your phone, blocking by content or by specific phone numbers.
  • AppControl™: You may want to show off your phone or maybe a friend needs to make a call. But there are some applications that you just don't want anyone else to run like personal email, or online financial programs. With AppControl, you can control what applications can be run on your Android device with or without permission.

Also, has some features like:

  • Remote Locate: Ever want to know where your children are. With VIPRE Mobile you can track their Android phone or device on a map from the VIPRE Mobile website. You can even follow its location, showing you where it's been over a period of time.
  • Remote Locate: Ever want to know where your children are. With VIPRE Mobile you can track their Android phone or device on a map from the VIPRE Mobile website. You can even follow its location, showing you where it's been over a period of time.
  • Anti-sexting: Block inappropriate texts of a sexual nature from being sent or received. The online world is not always the safest place, keep your children safe.
  • Many others like: Remote Alarm, Backup, Monitoring, Anti-bullying and Parental Controls.

I am running this on my droid as we speak without any issues, the cool thing is you set up an account on their website and then tweak and check your phone from there.  If interested take a look at

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FTC Says “Yes” To Facebook Activity Inclusion in Background Checks

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has just given Social Intelligence Corp the go ahead to include Facebook profile activity in its background checks when screening employees. You now have another reason to check your privacy settings. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Social Intelligence Corp, has been given the legal thumbs up to archive seven years' worth of your Facebook posts. These archives will be used by SIC as part of their background checking service for job applicants.

Very interesting concept for anyone looking for a job. Hopefully you have not posted anything in last 7 years to cause a problem. Yea, right like this is not true. I am having a tough time with this one, what does my social, out of work life have to do with with job.  Well luckily I work for myself and never post to Facebook...

To read the full article take a look here

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New Projects Section

Hello Everyone,

I just added the new projects section to my website.  Take a look and let me know what you think, this will be changing as fast as I can create new projects. I have 4 new ones in the works right now so hopefully the portfolio/projects section will be updated soon.  I do have a section on the bottom of the projects page that I still need to finish but this will link to older/past projects.  One of the things that I do notice from the older projects to the more recent is the way I have changed designing sites.  Hopefully everyone will notice the newer projects are more web 2.0 looking.

Anyways, I will adding a new blog hopefully 1-2 times a week. For my next blog I will discussing the old question "Do I turn off or leave my PC on?". Another topic I will be discussing is the new Windows 8 which is suppose to launch next year.  Check back in a few days to keep up to date on anything technology.

Oh yea here is a link to the projects section.

Until next time -- Rock OUT!!

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New Blog

Hello World - Finally got the Rock Blog up and running.  This is a new adventure for our company and we will be updating regularly.  Some interesting concepts have been introduced to this blog:

  • WordPress is being used as the core for the blog
  • Integrated Facebook with an add-on
  • Installed WordPress App for the Droid

Check back regularly to see some interesting articles relating to technology, computers, virus information and anything else I can think of.

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