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New Projects Section

Hello Everyone,

I just added the new projects section to my website.  Take a look and let me know what you think, this will be changing as fast as I can create new projects. I have 4 new ones in the works right now so hopefully the portfolio/projects section will be updated soon.  I do have a section on the bottom of the projects page that I still need to finish but this will link to older/past projects.  One of the things that I do notice from the older projects to the more recent is the way I have changed designing sites.  Hopefully everyone will notice the newer projects are more web 2.0 looking.

Anyways, I will adding a new blog hopefully 1-2 times a week. For my next blog I will discussing the old question "Do I turn off or leave my PC on?". Another topic I will be discussing is the new Windows 8 which is suppose to launch next year.  Check back in a few days to keep up to date on anything technology.

Oh yea here is a link to the projects section.

Until next time -- Rock OUT!!

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